Jacqueline Emerson’s Studio 54 Waves

Mimi ON Mar 23, 2012 AT 5:42 pm

Jacqueline Emerson

Although The Hunger Games hysteria may have calmed down here in the BATD offices, I for one am not quite ready to give up my personal Hunger Games obsession – with Jacqueline Emerson or to be more precise, her hair. The colour, the shine, the waves. Oh the waves! They’re pure Studio 54, 70s die-hard glamour and whilst I’m yet to be persuaded (just.not.quite.brave.enough) to dye my own locks a similar flame-red shade I have been unashamedly recreating Jacqueline’s tumbling mermaid-esque waves.

Enrapture Amplify Jumbo Waver


My beauty tool of choice has been the Erapture Amplified Jumbo Waver, £74.99. With its three-pronged barrel clamp, not only does it create a distinctive wave (as opposed to a curl) it couldn’t be simpler to use. I work from the root of my hair clamping small sections for around 30 seconds each, before moving down through lengths to the tips. If you want a less ‘done’ finish, start clamping hair slightly lower down towards the ear. Finish by gently brushing through with a paddle brush and smoothing shine serum through the very ends.



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