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by Annie Vischer

Jo Malone - Just Like Sunday

Jo Malone – Just Like Sunday

According to Jo Malone, the company that has brought us such timeless delights as the Lime & Basil candle, and now is bringing us the new Home Candle Collection by their style editor Charlotte Stockdale, the perfect Sunday in verse is as follows:

‘A pause in the week. To relax in crisp,

white sheets, airy with lavender:

To unwind…and go

wherever the mood takes you.

Out to the garden. Into the greenhouse,

twisting tomatoes fresh from the vine.

Earthy, leafy and full of sunshine.

A hearty lunch. A breezy walk.

Then paradise.

A plate of sweet almond macaroons

with a pot of steaming tea.

Vanilla-soft and coconut rich.

Sleeping by the fire.

Smoky incense curling into the air.

No need to think. Easy…


Sound rather perfect? We thought so too. Their latest Home Candle Collection by Charlotte Stockdale is their very own perfect Sunday transformed into three home candle scents, Lavender & Lovage, Green Tomato Leaf, Sweet Almond & Macaroon, and Incense & Embers.

The images and thought behind each candle is quite simply beautiful. The Lavender & Lovage scent is intended to evoke the sensation of crisp, white sheets, clean and infused with the calming aromatic properties of lavender. If I ever had trouble sleeping as a child, my mother would pop a couple of lavender oil drops onto my pillow and let me clutch her Liberty Lavender Lady. It worked every time, and  lavender has since always been an incredibly comforting and nostalgic scent for me. Needless to say this candle is a favourite.

Next comes the Green Tomato Leaf candle. I was rather baffled by the idea of this, until I remembered the greenhouse we had whilst I was growing up, that housed a family of tomato plants and a swinging bench. My sister and I would swing gently together in the greenhouse that was always soothingly balmy in the summer. The fragrance of the tomato plants was earthy and fruity, and, because of the memories associated with it, fresh and summery.

The sweetest candle in the range is the Sweet Almond & Macaroon edition. It isn’t hard to imagine how this might smell. It is one that you might cosy up with in the evening, when you’re feeling decadent. The accompaniment of actual macaroons is entirely optional, and in my case, fairly inevitable.

And finally we have the Incense & Embers scent. If you are not lucky enough to have a potentially roaring fire in your sitting room then this candle will go a little way to filling that gap. The fragrance is heavy and musky, infused with notes of smoky incense, silver fir, white pepper, and napa leather with a base of golden amber and vetiver. It is one to indulge in once it gets dark and the lights are dimmed. The experience is inherently sensual and relaxing, perfect for the last evening of the weekend.

The collection is available this month, with each 200g Home Candle priced at £39.00 and available from

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