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by Annie Vischer

Jo Malone London Rain Collection.

Jo Malone London Rain Collection.

Jo Malone tends to err on the side of the pretty, the floral and the herbal when it comes to fragrances. Think of the all-time classics like Lime and Basil, Pear and Freesia, and of course Nectarine Blossom and Honey. All very light, happy and evocative of running through a wild-flower-laden meadow on an idyllic summer day. Well their latest collection turns that whole stereotype on its head with a flourish. The Jo Malone London Rain Collection is deep, moody and vampy.

The limited edition collection is a result of the talents of Master Perfumer Christine Nagel, who worked to turn the image of a city downpour into four distinct and eloquent fragrances.

Christine Nagel.

Christine Nagel.

Of the new collection Nagel says ‘The initial concept from Jo Malone London was to create a scented portrait of London to conjure up the romantic and deeply intense rainy days. Imagine the soft, bewitching scent of a light rain glistening over a wisteria tree that has wound itself around a stony wall or the sensual aroma of pathways carpeted in moss awash with thunderous rain’. The resultant fragrances are as beautiful as Nagel’s poetic words. The four different variations in the range include…

Rain & Angelica 100ml (£82.00) – A top note of Rain Accord, with a heart note of Angelica and Vetiver as the base note. The scent is intended to be revitalising and awakening, and was made with the image of glassy beads of dew in a London park at dawn in mind.

Wisteria & Violet 100ml (£82.00) – This fragrance was made to evoke images of a soft morning shower soaking into the wisteria that Nagel speaks of in her description of the range. Top note Water Lily combines with a heart note of Wisteria and base note of Patchouli.

White Jasmine & Mint 100ml (£82.00) – A top note of Mint Leaf along with a base note of Mate Leaf and heart note of Heirloom Jasmine come together to make a light and refreshing scent that Nagel put together thinking of an afternoon cloudburst.

Black Cedarwood & Juniper 100ml (£82.00) – This is by far the deepest and most alluring edition in the new collection. The top note is Cumin, which combines with heart not Juniper and base not Cedarwood to make for a sensual scent. Midnight rain was the inspiration behind this fragrance.

The bottles have undergone somewhat of a transformation too, with the traditional design sultried up with a dip of colour blending upwards.This sumptuous new limited edition fragrance collection is available at It’s the one and only type of London rain we love!

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