Jo Malone’s Makeover

Jourdana ON Jan 15, 2013 AT 2:02 pm

We audibly gasped upon seeing this super-cool Pop Art rework of the classic Jo Malone Red Roses fragrance bottle.

Jo Malone Pop Art Collector’s bottle

But then we wouldn’t expect anything less from the first major collaboration with the brand’s quirky style editor, British fashion stylist, Charlotte Stockdale.  Upon being appointed at the fragrance house, she told Vogue, that bringing ”fun and whimsy” to the brand was high on her agenda. And if this collaboration is anything to go by, that’s exactly what she’s doing.

Having already stamped her finely-honed style on the brand’s Christmas stockings, Stockdale’s hand-decorated, red-drip bottles are set to create an even greater flurry of customer demand, particularly as there will only be a limited number available to purchase.

Charlotte Stockdale for Jo Malone.

We’ll race you to the waitlist.


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