Joan Collins at CEW Awards

BATD ON Oct 11, 2011 AT 3:07 pm

Joan Collins at the CEW Awards last night

Joan Collins at the CEW Awards last night

Joan Collins was the recipient of the Lifetime Achiever’s award last night at the CEW Awards event, looking pretty spectacular in a jade green dress, dripping with diamonds and a white fur stole was casually draped over her chair. Her husband Percy Gibson was there across the aisle, silently supporting her from the wings, you get the feeling he’s used to that, but he does it with a huge, proud smile on his face.

Joan was presented her award by hairstylist Charles Worthington, her friend and neighbour in the South of France. They apparently chat about beauty products over chilled Rose wine in the evenings under the stars in St Tropez, that’s about as glamorous as it gets!

In Joan’s acceptance speech she told us she has been reading magazines since the age of 14 and has probably kept a few beauty brands in business over the years. Her most essential beauty product is moisturising sun block. Although she always does her own make up, her advice for make up artists is to “keep your brushes clean and your pencils as sharp as a pin.”

When Joan Collins first turned up on the movie sets in Hollywood she was greeted by Whitey Snyder, Marilyn Monroe’s make up artist and was taught how to do her own make-up and has been perfecting that flawless starlet look ever since herself.

Charles Worthington introduced her by saying, “Usually when you look good you feel good, but when it comes to Joan, when you look good you are amazing!”

As Joan climbed up onto the stage, there were whispers and camera flashes around the room, we all thought she looked amazing too. Long live old school Hollywood Glamour!

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