Kanebo gets Colourful

Mimi ON Dec 15, 2008 AT 1:03 pm



Kanebo is getting colourful — but is also keeping benefit top-of-mind.

The Japanese beauty brand is set to launch Sensai Colours, a new treatment make-up line consisting of eye, lip and cheek items with formulas that draw on water and silk to address moisturization and impart a silk-like glow, according to Maiko Kitagowa, Sensai Colours marketing manager.

Each item in the line is designed to follow Japanese aesthetic ideals, such as Kasane kimono layering, that can be seen in the makeup line’s use of translucent hues. Kasane kimono layering, said Kitagowa, is a tradition where the layering of silk can reach up to 12 layers, each placed in a precise and symbolic layout.

We’re looking forward to testing it.


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