Mimi ON Aug 11, 2017 AT 11:19 am

By Vesi Maslenishka

Everyone is bringing out their own makeup line these days, from Kim Kardashian to Rihanna, so there’s a lot to choose from.

Kate Moss is the latest celeb to join in bringing out her own line with Decorté. The luxury brand made the announcement through Instagram and gave us a sneaky preview of the new eyeshadow and lip palette, lip liner, eyeliner and brow pencil, which will be will be available in Saks Fifth Avenue on 15th August.

Though the Kate Moss range isn’t yet available in the UK – and we don’t know if it ever will be yet – it doesn’t feel like a massive loss because even though the colours are all extremely wearable, they’re just not that exciting. For a brand which averages at about $100 per product, we doubt the range will affordable.

Kate Moss X Decorte

Kate Moss X Decorte

The images shared via the brand’s social channels show the palette will have both eyeshadow and lipstick which feels quite old school, you don’t really see too many palettes like this, probably because they can be quite messy – scraping eyeshadow out of the lip compartment can be a pain as we all may know.

Nonetheless, it is Kate Moss behind the range so we’re sure there will be some die hard fans out there who’ll be waiting to snap this one up!

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