Katie Puckrik Smells: Guerlain Shalimar

Mimi ON Sep 20, 2010 AT 1:23 am

When I uploaded my review of Guerlain Shalimar onto YouTube, yays and the nays came flooding in — along with a handful of gents who chimed in on Shalimar’s suitabilty as a men’s scent. One of them, TSXAgility, has even devised a dude-friendly code name for Shalimar:

“When people ask this fella what cologne I have on when I’m wearing Shalimar EdT, I tell them it’s Favre. It works every time.”

And onto the nays. whafah says:

“I really dont like Shalimar…even if they say IT’S THE best frag in the world – i dont agree at all – i like heavy scents but not shalimar. Why evrbody crazy about it??”

The answer comes from daisynation:

“I love to think of Ava Gardner putting this on before meeting Frank Sinatra. I love its perfect balance of heavy and light, the morning sunrise amber and vanilla, the lemon of gin and tonics, the musk of seduction.”

To conclude, Sevipants19 posed a kind of heavy-breathing phone call question…in reverse:

“Ok, if I’m wearing shalimar…what kind of clothes am I wearing?”

My answer:

“You’re either wearing a party dress…or nothing”

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