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by Chrissy lley

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Katy Perry Party Lashes. Say it out loud and it sounds like a song and a party.

I was very excited to receive my Showtime lashes which shimmer with a lovely peacocky blue.

I have interviewed Katy Perry several times and absolutely love her. When Eylure say that these lashes were created by Katy you know that every last single eyelash, gold dust, glitter and crystal were micro-managed by the woman herself. She’s like that.

Just after the documentary Part Of Me came out last year I met with her. She was still vulnerable and hurting from the marriage break-up with Russell Brand, but you could see her working, gathering her strength, and hoping that her songwriting and any other forms of creative expression would save her.

She told me then that Brand had ended their marriage by text and they had not spoken since. So I suppose my love of these party lashes is more than the fact they look fantastic; they are symbols of a woman rising, wiping away her tears, putting on her lashes, and going to the party.

Backstage is a dramatic lash, strewn with tiny studs. Starstruck is long, spidery lashes with an art-deco sweep of glittering stones. Sunset Stripped is a thick shorter lash in natural hair with gold glitter dust sprinkled at the lash band. Showtime is fluttery with trademark blue peacocky flashes at the lash line and beyond.

They are perfectly on trend and perfect for the party season.

Katy Perry Backstage Lashes by Eylure, £7.99, available at Asos.com.

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