Keira Knightley and Miranda Kerr Go Blonde

Mimi ON Oct 16, 2012 AT 11:17 am

Newly Blonde Miranda Kerr and Keira Knightley

This month sees cover stars Keira Knightley, for W Magazine and Miranda Kerr, for Vogue Italia, moving away from the dark side. Both the actress and model have been bleached blonde, to radical effect.

Knightley was shot with vampy red lips, naturally dark full brows and stark, scraped back blonde hair, whilst Kerr went all out with full-on bangs and a blunt blonde bob.

And although we love the idea of a radical hair colour change for the new season, we think that the au natural look is a much better choice for both of the cover stars. So do blondes really have more fun? In this case, we think not!

Do you prefer Keira blonde? An icy Miranda? Let us know on Twitter @beautyanthedirt


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