KMS California Hairplay

BATD ON Jun 08, 2010 AT 5:06 pm

KMS California Hairplay

KMS California Hairplay

We were told this is a must-have for festival-goers…we’ll be the judge of that!

The formula contains rice powder which absorbs excess barnet oil, increases volume and improves texture. It does claim to leave your hair ‘clean’  which I don’t think should be taken literally if you’re at a festival, but it’s the thought that counts and the proof is in the pudding or the falafel if you are festival bound.

Also, although this claims to be matte, I found it quite the opposite or as matte as the other powdery products and left my hair refreshed and shiny. So, if you’ve got darker hair this who be a fab product for you. It added volume and refreshed by style.


Who Loves It: @Sammygirl_PR

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