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Mimi ON Aug 25, 2011 AT 2:29 pm

Cameron Diaz - from black to blonde

Cameron Diaz - from black to blonde

Rachel is so trusted that she specialises in taking and counseling blondes to black and back again. “When someone wants something drastic I wonder what their emotional state might be.  If something I their life is bothering them and they suggest their hair is going to fix everything I suggest they take a moment, a few weeks to think about it.”

Her look, for now, is tailored to suit each client.  “I’m not a fan of block colour. Naturally people’s hair goes lighter at the ends.  I think we’re seeing that coming back but in a gradual, subtle way.”

Tips for going from black to blonde: “You’re not going to have long hair if you do that.  Hair can’t handle it.  A lot of actresses have extensions because they have had to change their hair colour for different roles.  First you use a colour dissolvent that breaks down the particles within the hair.  It tends to leave the hair a red or orange colour.  If possible live with that for a while.

After that it’s about applying bleach on every strand of the hair.

I always start at the back first, then the front so you can rinse it off as opposed to leaving everything on until the last part is ready.  That helps save the integrity of the hair.

Drew Barrymore - from blonde to brunette

Drew Barrymore - from blonde to brunette

It would be ideal to go to strawberry blonde before platinum blonde to give the hair a chance to repair.  It’s kinder to the hair to do it gradually.  A few products have no ammonia too, so that’s going to be healthier and greener.

I think in the fall it’s nice to have hair that’s a bit lighter as opposed to traditionally going darker.”

The John Frieda products are a foam and easy to apply at home and not messy so are great for this.”

Tips for blonde to brunette: “It can be done in a day.  It takes five hours for most people but if you’re going from blonde to medium brown and you put brown on top of blonde it will turn a green colour.  A lot of people remember Britney Spears’s colour for her wedding (I remember having green hair.  Awful)!

You have to fill it in with reds, oranges, golds before you start piling on the brown colour.  Sometimes hair is more porous and it will take colour deeply so you have to keep checking the bowl, that’s the important part.  If you go for a drastic change and are careful there’s a possibility you can keep some length, you don’t have to have a pixie cut.  Hair can be about three years old at the ends and imagine what that hair has gone through!  It’s important to know the history although a lot of people try to lie to me because they want what they want.  Although there’s no fooling me.”

Indeed.  This is what’s so special about Rachel.  She can read your life through your hair like a psychic reading a palm.

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