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Mimi ON Mar 12, 2010 AT 12:53 pm

Bruce entering Lea's

Fashion and beauty has been firmly fixed in the air with all the Hollywood parties of award season. The stars have been sporting amazing outfits AND amazing skin! So, I did some digging around to find out who’s the best in skin care.

Through a friend of friend of friend, I finally found “The one!”. Lea Eigard of ‘The Eigard Method, with over twenty years in the business she’s been helping Hollywood’s’ finest like Eva Longoria to look amazing.

I tracked Lea down at her Beverly Hills spa ‘Lea’s Advanced Skin Care’, known as the place “where you can get clinical treatments in a spa facility…”

While I’m tucked up in the heated therapeutic bed, inhaling lavender mist I’m trying one of her signature facials, and it feels like heaven (especially with Rodeo Drive just blocks away).

Alright, the following is worth thousands!!!!!

Lea's Book - Lifetime Facial Fitness

Lea, it’s an honour; Now, how does a guy or gal have Hollywood style radiant skin?

Start with deep cleansing enzymatic facials because the skin needs to be detoxified, and cellular regeneration and circulation.  Without these treatments the skin becomes dull, congested and loses its firmness.  Also, having these gets the skin prepared for deeper and more stimulating treatment such as: microdermabrasion, light chemical peels, LED therapy and ultra sonic treatments (the newest treatments on the market, and they’re amazing!)

Okay give us some new products to look out for?

The Epicuren Discovery, ( it’s the only line that has an enzyme protein formulation that creates cellular regeneration and retardation of the ageing process. Their two new products, Phyto Placenta and Bio Peptide are on the top of the list for cell renewal and reducing deep wrinkles, helping to retain healthy youthful and glowing skin.

I have to ask what should us guys NOT be doing with our skin?

Men do not like to take the time for skin care treatments, and they should!  Skin care products which are highly effective, and using sun block are a must to keep the skin in great shape!! With or with out the sun, UV Rays are no respecter of cloud coverings.

A monthly skin care treatment program is good, and ask a skin care professional about a home care regiment that is right for YOU and YOUR lifestyle. 

Ask, “What does it do?”,  “how is this beneficial for my skin?”.  For those just starting out  use a simple home care program. It’s better to do less than nothing at all! Now relax and enjoy the facial…


For those of you considering going under the knife, the lovely Lea has a book out called “Lifetime Facial Fitness without Plastic Surgery”, it shows you how you can use facial muscle exercises to firm and lift the face. 

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