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by Chrissy Iley

Lancome Artliner

I am always on a mission with eyeliners to find one that is long-wearing, easy to apply and a beautiful colour. It is very easy to become set in your ways and when you find something you like you stick with it. It is very easy to be afraid of what you are always afraid of and apart from applying blusher that makes me look like a clown, liquid eyeliner is my greatest makeup fear.

So when I decided to road test Lancôme’s Artliner (£20.00) it was with trepidation. I was attracted to the silky colours – black diamond, jade, silver
and my favourite turquoise, which is vibrant, exotic, vivid, metallic.

The secret blend and new formula makes them shiny and the high concentration of pigment makes them intense. On the great to exceptional side  they are extremely long lasting. They dry quickly. They don’t smudge. Ever. At night it’s a mini-workout to remove them. On the almost great side the long firm nib makes the easier to apply than those soft brush liners which just go all over the eye except where they are supposed to. When I use those I have horrible shaky zigzags and look as if a dead spider is on my eyelid.

Artliner is massively easier to apply than most liquid liners and I suspect most people would manage well. I am particularly clumsy or always in too much of a hurry. I’m not sure if my hand is steady enough or maybe I just hate to look at myself with a pulled down eyelid for more than a second – so for me these are special occasion wear only. For parties I love the turquoise enough to persevere. It is a statement look. The black is so super shiny if you make a mistake it’s hard to remove it.

With this in mind Lancôme have also come up with a fantastic winter collection of eyewear including multi-wear eyeliner patches.  You use them in the way of stick-on eyelashes, except they are already sticky. They are very dramatic and Cleopatra wide-eyed. They look very Barbra in Funny Girl. Iconic.They stretch out artfully at the corners in a way that it would be almost impossible to create with pen alone. They come beautifully packaged. Special.

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