Le Labo

Mimi ON Feb 26, 2010 AT 4:45 pm


Le Labo Neroli

Today we went to Le Labo to get a custom blend perfume, their new store has just opened in Marylebone, you can smell the air has improved as you get closer. I met with Edouard one of the founders to talk me through the special process of each beautiful bottle.

The Le Labo boutique is a place you can touch, learn, see and smell maybe not necessarily in that order. It will awaken your sense of smell and help you explore the world of luxury perfumes. Warning – you may never turn back! 

Here is Edouard talking us through the process of choosing the perfume to having it made up in a personalised bottle to take home. I went for Neroli 36, well-being, elegance and charm all in a bottle. Sounds just like me!

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