Le Métier de Beauté

Mimi ON Nov 30, 2012 AT 11:30 am

Le Métier de Beauté

by Chrissy Iley

I braved the black Friday sales to go into the normally genteel Neiman Marcus to get a fix of my beauty obsessions Le Métier de Beauté I’ve missed it so much since it disappeared from Liberty.

I’m so addicted to the kaleidoscopic eye shadows, a stack of four gorgeous usually smoky sometimes shimmery eye shadow colours that swivel out with a mirror that folds up from the top. The texture is so smooth, creamy yet intense, even idiots like me can make a decent job of their make-up.

I love Scott Reyes because every time I go there he does a wonderful makeover but instructs me exactly how to get the look. One small beautifully soft rounded brush changed my eye shadow application completely. It makes everything smudgy and subtle. A smoky eye takes less than a minute because the application is so smooth.

The palettes are seasonal and sell out fairly quickly. The one I bought has beautiful mink, bronzes and a peacock. It’s called Chauvet Pont D’Arc. Another one I had called Silk Road has travelled the world with me so much that now a tiny bit of purply colour remains.

This time at the counter was Le Métier de Beauté director of colour Mikey Castillo who introduced me to their luminous moisturising tint which he applied under the fuller coverage foundation – Classic Flawless Finish – to make it look more glowy and modern.

He told me to never put on a block colour on cheeks or eyes and he showed me his layering technique. He also showed me how to layer on the liquid eyeliner by laying it on the eye, not drawing on it – I might have to leave that one to the professionals.

He introduced me to the replenishing day solution cream which is packed with vitamins and organics. He told me to wear it as a mask when yo ugot on a plane and it would be seeped into the skin by the time you got off. Its texture was lightweight. Hydrating and plumping.

The other cream – the anti ageing revitalising – he tells me diminishes the appearance of lines within five days. it has organic botox within it and Mikey says, ‘If it says on the box it’s going to take six weeks that’s code for it doesn’t work at all. This one you can see within days.’ I have a sample to check.

The famous kaleidoscope.

I bought a lip cream in a nudy colour called Café Crème which gives a perfect sixties glossy pout and according to Mikey, ‘Every woman should own this colour.’

He used the Black Midnight mascara because blue black is the darkest black of all. He used powder to set the look, which didn’t look pasty or chalky, apparently it’s a formula that’s made without talc. ‘All our products contain skin treatment. If you go to bed with our make-up on you’ll wake up with great skin. Most make-ups if you sleep in them you’ll wake up with acne.’

This was a big selling line for me as I often fall asleep in full make-up. Imagine in full make-up and it being like a night mask. ‘We launched in 2008 (a bad time to launch as the recession was setting in). We had to give something more. You’re not just getting a beautiful colour, you’re getting a treatment as well.’

If you want something more you have to go to Beverly Hills’ Neiman Marcus of New York’s Bergdof Goodman or online at zuneta.com.

The face of this line is fashionista actress is Georgina Chapman, who is married to Harvey Weinstein, so you can be sure Le Métier de Beauté is at all the best Oscar parties.

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