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Mimi ON Oct 15, 2012 AT 7:00 am

by Chrissy Iley

Miracle Glo Perfecting Glotion

You know you are doing something right when friends you haven’t seen for a while stop you stare a few seconds longer than is polite at your face. You know they’re thinking, “Has she had work done?” but they can’t quite put their finger on it.

My work took less than five seconds. I applied something called Miracle Glo, the latest product from Lulu and Frederici brands. Gail Frederici is calling it après make-up, a regime applied after everything else. But you can also apply it on its own without make-up.

To say it gave you a glow would be insulting the product. You don’t just glow, you transform. Your complexion is like a renaissance painting, a little saintly with a built-in halo.

It brings illusion and dimension, skin charisma. It is the most unbelievable product. It seems to fill in lines and lift. It goes on your skin and you feel a tingle of dancing fairy dust as it plumps, smooths, tightens.

Lulu says she first road-tested it when she was doing Strictly last year and Len Goodman kept staring at her and telling her she was glowing. He thought he was just complementing on her surviving Brendan. She too found people looking at her not knowing quite what was different.

It comes with a golden brush and you swoop it over and the effect is instant. It not only lifts and plumps older skin but it makes younger skin fresh and revitalised.

Sometimes make-up can look powdery and make the skin look flat. Once Miracle Glo is applied there’s an instant polish from dusty to dewy. £33 removes a decade.

Miracle Glo Perfecting Glotion

It was created by uber-chemist Dr Joe Cincotta who I met at a tea party this week. This is a man who even though you probably don’t know who he is, you know you can’t live without. I wanted to kidnap him and have him live in my basement.

Unknown to me this man has answered my most desperate prayers. He is the creator of many amazing John Frieda hair products in the days when they were not owned by a multinational. He created Frizz Ease original formula and he created thickening lotion which has transformed the hair, therefore head mindset and confidence of so many women. He was also responsible for the amazing Beach Blonde range, the wonderful Hair Mask and the Salt Spray.

He also created an amazing product called Upbeat which was discontinued. It was the perfect texture, not a wax, not a paste, not a mousse. It was light on the hair but it gave it substance. When I learnt that the new John Frieda company would not be making it I had my mother go into Fenwicks of Newcastle and buy the last five remaining in the country as I had already scoured London and the south east and online.

His formulae live on in Lulu’s amazing Operation Glam range – the best volumising shampoo on the market. The first day I wore Miracle Glo it was to attend the Vidal Sassoon memorial service in St. Paul’s Cathedral. Quite a road test as every hairdresser of note whoever whipped up a mousse was there including John Frieda who questioned, ‘Why does your skin look so good? Is it some new serum from LA? It must be something?’ ‘Yes, it’s face by Cincotta.’ He looked at me puzzled. And I was very happy to tell him the former John Frieda chemist was responsible for my glow and that Lulu had given it to me only yesterday!

It has taken Cincotta a few years to get the Miracle Glo formula right but putting it on was like the first time I put on thickening lotion in its navy blue bottle. I instantly knew a lot of misery and insecurity had been wiped from my life.

It was on QVC but over 40,000 sold out in ten minutes. It will soon launch in Fenwicks and Bentalls. Start stockpiling.


Miracle Glo Perfecting Glotion £33 50ml Lulu Timebomb

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