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BATD ON Jun 01, 2009 AT 9:20 am

Jonthan Ward Candles

Jonthan Ward Candles

We’re in love with decadent scented candles, and always keep our beady eyes peeled for newcomers to the beautiful burn arena. Jonthan Ward is an excellent find; his dynamic new collection of organic fragranced candles, The White Collection, is manna in our candle heaven. 

Based around beautiful blooms with a twist, we’re spoilt for choice with Nightingale’s Jasmine – a full bodied jasmine fragrance with a kick of Persian spice, Josephine’s Rose – four rose oils blended to a heady floral scent, or Pieta’s Lavender – milky lavender for a soft and gentle journey into relaxation.

Hmmm, eenie, meenie……..oh, we’ll have the lot!

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