Long Haul Without The Look

Mimi ON May 26, 2011 AT 3:45 pm

Functionalab Antioxidant Serum

Functionalab Antioxidant Serum

Everyone knows that stepping off a long-haul flight looking radiant and glowing is nigh on impossible. Recycled air, movies you’ve seen before and food you never want to see again all conspire to make you look and feel weary. But, we rather like this little wonder from nutritional supplement experts, Functionalab.

The Functionalab Antioxidant Serum is flight friendly sized and contains antioxidants, peptides and botanical extracts to give super-hydration and protection to skin that’s under attack from plane drain.

Use it liberally on neck, face and eyes in-flight, slip on a sleep mask and let your glow begin.

Age Defence Complex, £55 at Harvey Nichols.

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