Love for Japan

Mimi ON Mar 09, 2012 AT 1:35 pm


It’s a year since the devastating tsunami struck the Japanese and the clean-up programme still goes on. Anglo-Japanese company, STEAMCLEAN have launched a LOVE FOR JAPAN PROJECT and this cute red tin will provide much needed funds. 100% of the proceeds will go towards providing continuing long-term support for those whose lives have been all but destroyed by the tragedy.

The STEAMCREAM team say,

‘When the earthquake struck, we were in Shinagawa, Tokyo for our monthly meeting. That night we lay on flattened cardboard boxes and tried to rest with anxious thoughts running through our minds. We will never forget the feeling of terror and anxiety, then relief when we were finally able to get in touch with our loved ones. Days after the disaster, we began to think “We have to do something…” We heard moisturiser was needed in the effected areas so we sent over 5,000 STEAMCREAM tins. Six months after the tragedy we realised the memory of what happened was gradually fading away and we knew we had to do more. We launched the LOVE FOR JAPAN PROJECT to provide sustainable and committed support.’

STEAMCREAM LOVE FOR JAPAN is RRP £12.95 and is available only online from 100% of the proceeds goes to the LOVE FOR JAPAN PROJECT.

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