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Mimi ON Oct 17, 2011 AT 12:33 pm

No more to the TOWIE look

No more to the TOWIE look

by The Beauty Button

It was only the other day that Katie and I were chatting about how much we yearned for the resurgence of socially acceptable false lashes. We’re not talking TOWIE or Geordie Shore, we’re talking subtle, glamorous and genuinely beautiful lashes that boost your look rather than adding to it to the point you can’t even open you eyelids (quick nod to the Jodie Marshes and female cast of TOWIE at this point).

As if our prayers were answered, the very next day Marc Jacobs showed his collection for Louis Vuitton SS12 and ALL the models strode the carousel catwalk wearing the most glorious falsies with the most beautiful clothes. If it’s good enough for Kate, it’s most certainly good enough for us!

So here we have it, the onset of (what we think) will be a huge trend for next season; the false lash effect. Move over minimalist makeup and 5 minute beauty regimes. We want full on glamour that heightens our beauty experience, letting us all really indulge in the methodical application of truly lovely makeup.


Lashes at Louis Vuitton SS12 

As fate might have it we attended an event with the Handpicked Media crew last night and got to see some amazing lash application tutorials for the lash maestros Shu Uemura. They’re range of falsies is truly amazing and there’s something for everyone; whether your an extrovert, minimalist or drag queen, there’s bound to be something for you. As far as false lashes go, Shu do the best. They are light and strong and with the right glue, they literally don’t budge!


Lashes at the HPM event

Lashes at the HPM event


Check out our favourite below and don’t forget to stock up on our favourite lash glue, Ardell Duo (it comes in clear and black),


Shu Uemura lashes

Shu Uemura lashes: 1. Natural Volume Lashes, 2. Smoky Layers, 3. Mini Khaki, 4. Partial Soft Cross, 5. CRS7-0 Brown



Partial Soft Cross, £15.50

Mini Khaki, £15.50

Smoky Layers, £18.50

Natural Volume Lashes, £13

CRS7-0 Brown, £13

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