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Mimi ON Feb 26, 2010 AT 5:32 pm

Darphin Paris Wrinkle Corrective Eye Contour Cream

By Tamara Hinson

I love, love, love Darphin’s new eye cream.  First of all it comes with a spatula, and anything with a spatula always makes me feel a bit posh. More importantly, I love the consistency, which is thick enough to convince me that it might actually yield some results but not thick enough to leave me with white panda-eyes while I wait for it to sink in. I also love the fragrance, which is deliciously light but not overpowering.  The blurb tells me that this hi-tech eye cream is designed to reduce wrinkles but also improve radiance, thanks to light-reflecting particles and, amongst other things, soothing magnolia and lady thistle. Cotton oil, cocoa butter and shea butter, along with hyaluronic acid spheres, help to smooth fines lines and keep the delicate skin around the eye plumped up and smooth.
All well and good, but what about the actual results, I hear you cry? Well, I’ve been using this cream for a few weeks now and genuinely think I may have come across the holy grail in eye care – a product that really does do two things crucial for improving the appearance of the eye area -  brightening and reducing puffiness but also helping to reduce those pesky fine lines

Darphin Paris Wrinkle Corrective Eye Contour Cream costs £39.99 and will be available from April.

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