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Nuz Shugaa

Nuz Shugaa

By Debbie Djordjevic

Nuz Shugaa has magical hands – well I think so and a wide fan-base of celebrities and A-listers would agree, so it’s not just me. Even a 30 minute lunchtime facial had people telling me my skin was glowing, but it’s not just Nuz and her magic hands that complete the picture. Her years of experience and worldwide search for simple and effective products and treatments really has paid off. Nuz works with only the best ingredients that have no added ’nasties’. She doesn’t believe in botox but does believe that you can keep your skin looking and feeling youthful with regular facials by an expert facialist. My only experience with Nuz, and I really hope it won’t be my last, was when I went along to trial a new treatment, the Green Peel Facial, which she has introduced to The Beauty Lounge in London’s Soho.   This facial combines a selection of products from the Energys Resonance  range (The Beauty Lounge has salon exclusivity for these) plus a killer added ingredient which has been used by Geisha’s for several thousand years. Nightingale poo isn’t something I would normally want to put anywhere near my skin but this has been thoroughly sterilised and made into a powder which cleanses skin like no other ingredient I have tried. Victoria Beckham uses it, and Nuz has been using it to great effect with her celebrity clients for a while.

Although 30 minutes doesn’t sound very long for such an effective facial, the quality of the Energys Resonance products really does have a lasting effect and I am writing this four days after the facial and my skin is still looking clear and radiant. Nuz starts with the Skin Purity Cleanser which she massaged into my face and neck, removing it with a hot muslin. Next came the Gently Exfoliant to remove dead skincells and any hard to shift London grime. She then applied the Nightingale poo powder in paste form which worked it’s magic after only a few minutes. This masque which I didn’t want to think about too much although it did smell a bit earthy, was then removed and my skin sprayed with Youthful Skin Elixir which I have carried in my handbag ever since for an instant boost. She then massaged my skin (again those magic hands) with an appropriate moisturiser.

Nuz has trained the team of facialists at The Beauty Lounge and they are waiting with their Nightingale poo to make your skin look and feel fantastic. The Green Peel facial is perfect for a lunchtime as it only takes 30 minutes and costs £50. The Beauty Lounge is at 1 Kingly Court, London W1B 5PW, call them on 020 7734 6161.

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