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Mimi ON Oct 01, 2009 AT 1:07 pm

Le Prisme Visage

Le Prisme Visage

By Tamara

Twenty years after they first appeared, Givenchy are re-releasing their iconic powder prismes – Le Prisme Visage and Le Prismissime Visage - and best of all, they’re even more fabulous than the first time. Thanks to a process known as particle atomisation, Givenchy have recreated the compacts using powders that are not only finer and softer, but capable of reflecting light from all angles, which results in a flawless, velvety finish.

Le Prisme Visage looks, feels and even smells fantastic. Available in seven classic colour combinations and two summer palettes, the four domes of blendable powder can be used alone or together, for subtle, radiant highlighting.

Le Prismissime Visage

Le Prismissime Visage

With two rows of matte shades and one row of pearlescent colour in three colour combinations, Le Prismissime Visage is achingly on-trend and fabulously versatile. Natural Satin and Light Silk are ideal for those going for the natural look, while Sun Caramel is the perfect way to add some colour to a sun-starved autumn complexion.

If all that isn’t enough, the packaging’s also been given a makeover. Featuring the iconic 4G logo, the easy-access lid snaps open to reveal, beneath the powder, a slide-out drawer containing a slimline brush. And the best bit? Those clever folks at Givenchy have added an eyelet allowing the compact to be personalised with our favourite charms. Personally, I can’t help but think a miniature prisme would look fabulous swinging from my gorgeous new Givenchy compact, but perhaps that’s overkill….. 

Available from all major department stores from the 5th Octobercall 01932 233 824 for stockists.

Le Prismissime Visage – £32.29 Le Prisme Visage - £29.85

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