Mad Style: Don Draper 2

Mimi ON Sep 13, 2010 AT 5:11 pm

Copy Don's super slick style!

Cut. Ideally, you should print this picture (or open literally any magazine from this year at your hairdresser) and ask them for this cut. It’s cut close to the head on the sides, tell them to keep the length but take out the weight so it lies closer to your head. As for the top, keep it longer than the sides and as full as possible so it doesn’t lie too flat.

Style. Run a dime sized amount of product through your damp hair using your hands, make sure it’s all evenly distributed. Grab a comb and create a side parting and slick back the sides. Now to create that small wave at the front, push the comb through the front of your hair and lift it upwards. Then, gently, swoop it back so there’s a small wave. This isn’t a step he’d take but a quick spritz of hairspray will keep it in place all day and also allows you to use less product than you usually would. Tilt your head back, shade your forehead with one hand and spray a little hairspray on.

As for products, Brylcreem if you’re going authentic. I hear they use Baxter of California Pomade or Gel on the set of Mad Men though. Go for the pomade if your hair’s a little thin, gel if it’s quite thick.

Click here to learn how to get Don’s Shave!

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