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Mimi ON Sep 13, 2010 AT 5:11 pm

Art of Shaving: modern skincare gone retro.

Aramis domianted the luxury male skincare market in the 1960s. They had eye creams, face masks, moisturisers, astringents and hand creams – all made specifically for men! The modern-day alternative to Aramis skincare would be Lab Series – which, while great, doesn’t really fit the whole retro thing we’re doing – so I’ve opted for retro-styled Art of Shaving instead.

If you cut yourself whilst shaving, just hold their damp Styptic Pen to the spot until it stops bleeding. Then, keeping it very simple, follow up with their Sandalwood after-shave balm which smells amazing; we’re trying to stay away from anything too ‘modern’ and citrus-y here. At night, go for their Ingrown Hair Night Cream to keep your face nice and smooth the next day.

Click here for last step, the all important fragrance!

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