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Mimi ON Jul 28, 2011 AT 10:21 am

FashionistA Magnetic Nail Polish

FashionistA Magnetic Nail Polish

The big new trend for nails in the coming autumn/winter season is Magnetic Nail Polish.

But, before you wonder if your nails will be suddenly attracted to anything metal, relax! The polish actually moves in response to having a special magnet passed over it when wet that creates several patterns such as stripes or chevrons, depending upon how you pass the magnet over them.

New brand FashionistA is the first to market with these special polishes that launch towards the end of the summer (although I saw Nails Inc are also set to launch a similar product in the Autumn).

Our girl on the spot managed to get a sneaky magnetic manicure at an event last week so you can see exactly what this new nail effect is all about.

Watch out for their launch and see them fly off shelves!

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