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Jourdana ON Apr 12, 2013 AT 8:00 am

Yes it may seem like a strange time of year to be touting foot care (unless you’re one of the lucky few who have planned a sun-seeker trip for Easter or are in training for the up-coming London marathon) but whilst they’re still being stuffed into tough-luxe biker boots, there’s no better time to get your tootsies in tip top condition.

Margaret Dabbs Medi-Pedi

Starting with a trip to one of Margaret Dabbs‘ specialist podiatry-cum-pedicure clinics.

This is no regular pedicure. Because whilst you will still leave the salon sporting the glossiest of new season nail shades, the varnish will have been painted over the most immaculate toes you will have had in quite some time (so much so that you might actually skip the varnish). And that’s because Dabbs’ fully trained team of podiatrists offer far more than a pretty paint job. Slip off your shoes, socks and within moments they will have analysed everything from the condition of your skin and toenails to your gait, instep and every corn, callous and ingrown toenail in between.

Margaret Dabbs Sole Lounge

Between training for a 10km (the first time I have ever run out of aim rather than necessity) and slipping into work-worthy heels, my toenails are just not what they used to be. Instead, without being too unnecessarily graphic, both my big toes seem to be taking the strain of pounding the pavement with continual splits to the nail beds whilst my toenails themselves (after a winter of being hidden beneath layers of Uniqlo heat tech socks) have amassed a covering of cuticle.

Armed with the type of heavy-duty tools you’d expect to find in the dentist surgery (or B&Q) Johnny, my podiatrist, used a combination of drills, whirring buffers, metal files and even a surgical blade to breathe life, and lightness, back into my world-worn feet.

There may not be a luxuriant foot massage involved, but thankfully there’s no fluffy, ineffectual tampering with your toes either. Thorough, precise but also strangely soothing and restorative, Margaret Dabbs’ medi pedi is the full overhaul your feet deserve after this long-drawn out winter, and the perfect segue into those spring sandals.

Margaret Dabbs Medical Pedicure from £80 for 45 minutes. Margaret Dabbs Clinic 7 New Cavendish Street. The Sole Spa at Liberty. Margaret Dabbs at Urban Retreat, Harrods.

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