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BATD ON Mar 31, 2010 AT 1:11 pm

Mari Marinez

This lovely little health spa, located on Gloucester Road, is the perfect sized space for an intimate treatment session and offers some great natural and organic products from Ilcsi and Pinks Boutique.

Having been introduced to Mari herself, I head down to her treatment room for a facial,, whereby I was taken through everything; from why my skin wasn’t suitable for the Ilsci Paprika facial I’d chosen (apparently it’s not one for sensitive skin so do NOT try that one at home!!) to the products the therapist would be using instead, to the ethos of the business.

In the end I was prescribed a gentle but deep cleansing regime involving a range of cleansers, toners, masks and massages. A personal favourite was the Ilcsi Sulphuric Exfoliating mask (peppermint scented, ultra cooling and hydrating) which gave a bizarre tingling sensation and left my skin über clean. The whole range is made a by little Hungarian lady, Illona Monar, in Hungary but only in small batches to minimise the risk of the product expiring too quickly, as many organic products do.

Pinks Boutique

My therapist also whipped out a rather alarming instrument that allows for pore extraction without skin damage. It turned out to be very effective and by the end of my session I had beautiful plump skin and was virtually black-head free. I’d definitely recommend heading down even if it’s just for this nifty piece of kit.

I was also bestowed a number of sneaky organic beauty tips whilst at the salon. For a start, always keep your organic products in the fridge as they contain less/no preservatives so can go off very quickly. Also, that if you’re using natural products never extract them from the pot with your hands, as this shortens the expiry date as bacteria are introduced into the formula. Wise words ma’am, thank you.

Another perk of my visit was that I discovered the fab UK brand Pinks Boutique. My therapist gave me a sneaky try on the hand balm which was absolutely divine. It soaked in quickly and left my skin feeling like baby-soft. Very nice indeed. They also have a great Crystal Hand Sanitiser which is an interesting alternative to those nasty alcoholic, dehydrating gels.

Definitely worth a visit.

Mari Marinez Health and Beauty
70 Gloucester Road,
Telephone: 020 7581 4365

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