Marmite Lip Therapy!

Mimi ON Apr 01, 2011 AT 8:07 am

Vaseline Lip Therapy new flavour

Vaseline Lip Therapy with a hint of Marmite!

FINALLY! A lip therapy that may actually work! Thanks to the amazing minds of Vaseline Lip Therapy, they have given us a new and improved flavour-Lip Therapy with a hint of Marmite! Love it or hate it!

We’ve had our tastes of strawberries, blueberries, snozberries, bubblegum and all those other fruity flavours, and now we have Marmite!

After over a decade of research they found the ‘yeast extract’ lip care just wasn’t as available. So here we have Marmite!

Vaseline Lip Therapy Marmite is rich with B vitamins and for you vegetarians out there it is 100% meat free.

So thanks to this great partnership with Marmite and Vaseline it looks like we have an amazing new lip product we can’t wait to try!

“I am delighted to welcome Marmite to the UK’s much loved Vaseline Lip Therapy range.  Love it or hate it I think the distinctive partnership will bring many benefits to lip balm users.  Try it – you never know, you might just like it,” said Lauren Brooking, Vaseline Brand Manager.

You can find it exclusively  1st April on for only £1.99! Don’t miss out!

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