Mavala That’s My Colour, What’s Yours?

Jourdana ON Apr 05, 2013 AT 11:37 am

In the quest to find the perfect, and seemingly elusive, lipstick shade (fyi it was an almost merlot-hued fuchsia, demi-matte in texture) I have been known to turn my kitchen table into an at-home colour cosmetics lab. Chopping up and blending lipstick bullets with wild abandon before slicking each and every resulting shade over my slowly chapping lips until I created the one. Who knows how many perfectly good ¬†(and no doubt pricey) lipsticks I destroyed in the process. But when you’ve set your heart on the one (be it a lipstick, pair of boots or man) ¬†there’s simply no limit to the extent you will go in hunting it down.

Have your perfect shade, bottled

And that’s the basis of Mavala‘s ‘That’s My Colour‘ campaign.

Launching today, the 50-year old nail care and colour brand are offering 3 nail aficionados the chance to have their ultimate nail shade matched and made. And to win all you need do is post a picture of the colour you’d most like to bottle -whether it be the inky blue shade of your J Brands, the honey-gold tone of your recently highlighted hair or the colour of your bright new bikini – via Twitter, Instagram or the Mavala UK Facebook page, using the hashtag #ThatsMyColour.

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