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Mimi ON Jun 26, 2012 AT 4:29 pm

Safe in the Sun

Most of us love a delicately bronzed glow come summer and when it comes to holiday tanning we are becoming increasingly aware of the truly harmful and ageing affects of excessive exposure to the sun. Which is why slathering our bodies with sunscreen is a vital necessity, but it seems that in actual fact, according to the suncare experts at Garnier, that what we consider to be an ample amount of sunscreen, is far from it.

The average body requires a minimum of 30 ml of sunscreen, at no less than SPF25, to fully protect the skin from any dangers. To you and me, that’s approximately two teaspoons or a handful of product. With holidays on the horizon, Garnier Ambre Solaire have adopted the delightful – and incredibly youthful skinned - Lorraine Kelly, as part of their mission to spread the Measure The MLs message.

Passionate about the campaign, and the need for heightened awareness of what constitutes safe sunscreening, Lorraine herself practices incredibly safe sunning.

Her main messages were to;

- Ensure that you use enough suncream – whatever you consider enough – add a little more. 

- Never dare to go lower than a Factor 30, particularly in hot climates and when you are exposed to the sun for extended amounts of time

- Stay out of the sun at the height of day,  (between the hours of 12 and 3 pm) – luckily this is the perfect time for a siesta or long leisurely lunch.

- Re-apply product throughout the day, approximately every two hours or more if you are playing sport or in and out of the pool or sea – even if the product is waterproof. 

Watch the campaign video below with Lorraine and Team GB hopeful Hannah England, to see just how easy it is to accidentally miss vital suncream application.

So next time you hurriedly slather on sunscreen before rushing off into the sun, you might want to reconsider.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect is available in SPF 10 £13.83, SPF 20 – £16.03 and SPF 30 – £16.59.

The Golden Touch Aftersun is £9.18. 

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