Mimi Talks to Ash Kumar Part 2

BATD ON Jul 23, 2009 AT 2:56 pm

Get that old school Bollywood look like Parveen Babi

Get that old school Bollywood look like Parveen Babi

Heavily kohled eyes are prevalent in Bollywood how can we achieve that old school Bollywood look like that of Parveen Babi without getting watery eyes?
Lightly pull down the lower lid and softly sweep eye pencil from left to right or right to left in the inner part of  the lower lid, if eyes water then take three deep breaths. Inhale from the nose and exhale from the mouth taking deep breathes three times, this clears the small nose vessels inside the tear duck of eye. Add a bit of instant sparkle to the eyes with Optrex Eye Dew, Sparkling Clear Eye Drops. To get a sharp finish with kohled eyes use water proof eye pencil.

When recreating the Bollywood look, what products do you recommend?
To get the perfect eye liner shape, use a separate eye liner brush and Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eye Gel. This gives full control on the shape of eye liner, making it even or however you prefer. Always use kohl inside the eyes and evenly spread gel eye liner underneath lower lashes. Fill in any gaps with the gel/kohl. When it comes to skin, use a good foundation to get a flawless finish. Complete the look with bright lips for a flamboyant Bollywood look or opt for nude lips for a more natural look topped with loads of mascara to make eyes look sexy.

Ash Kumar worked alongside Aishwarya in the Bollywood movie Devdas

Ash Kumar worked alongside Aishwarya in the Bollywood movie Devdas

Where do you find inspiration for your looks, do you look to Hollywood or old school Bollywood movies?
I find inspiration from the outfits and the costumes my clients are wearing. If I’m creating a look then I am inspired by many things, mostly small items, and very unusual things-such as a peacock feather. This gave me inspiration for my latest look for the Asian bridal season this year.

Henna is often reserved for special occasions does your henna tell a story? Or do you use special designs for different occasions?
I use special designs for different occasions, I make my designs more personal to the event, and of course for production I usually stick very close to the director’s brief.

Have you ever had a bad henna moment with a celeb? If so what did you do?
I haven’t yet, but I’m sure I will one day in my career.

You’ve worked with Cameron Diaz what type of henna design did she ask for?
She said I will leave it to you; I did a small design for her on her ankle and arm.

Get Freida Pinto's fresh faced look

Get Freida Pinto's fresh faced look

You’ve worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood have you ever pinched yourself and thought ‘Wow’ with anyone?
Not really, I really roll up my sleeves and get into my professional role, I really tend to focus so much that I forget sometimes how lucky I really am.

Freida Pinto always looks so fresh faced how can we recreate her natural look?
Freida evidently has good skin, so a tinted moisturiser or a light mousse foundation will look fab on good skin. If you have problematic skin, use a face scrub or exfoliate the face. Ensure that you moisturise the face well and apply concealer to areas that need coverage. To get Freida’s look blend in concealer well and top up with a face powder, try Mac Studio Fix. Next, apply kohl pencil to the inner part of the eye and light mascara with a nude lip colour. Go for a colour that suits your natural skin tone.

Tell us more about you’re fourth coming collaboration with Thornton’s chocolate…
I personally designed classic Thornton chocolate boxes, using my signature designs and classic AK products packaging. You will LOVE it, go get some.

Name your 5 must have make-up products for our make-up bag.
Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, Chanel Eye Pencil, YSL Mascara / Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara,
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, Giorgio Armani Concealer Master Correctors.

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