Mimi Talks to Azzi Glasser Part 2

BATD ON Mar 03, 2009 AT 5:29 pm

Creme Damour

Creme Damour

6. How do you decide what notes go into the creation of a fragrance?
The creative concept of a fragrance has to be very precise.  It must totally portray the client’s philosophy and get the right message out. I choose the different notes of a fragrance and give them each a part to play in the formula, from the top of the fragrance which is what you smell first, so this can be distinctive and magnetic, to the heart which is the main character and the stars of the show, to the base accord which supports and is the soul of the fragrance. I like to use naturals as much as possible and use a pallet of 3000 different raw materials.  It is interesting to discover new raw materials to use, but it is much more fascinating to create a combination of unique notes through common raw materials which form new molecules. With Agent Provocateur’s Signature and Maitresse I visualised two films which I worked with in my head when creating the two very different scents. Signature was based on “Belle de Jour’ with Catherine Deneuve – The fragrance is distinctively powerful, confident, very sexy and it leaves this expensive aura wherever you go which makes it unforgettable. And Maitresse, was inspired by ‘High Society’ with Grace Kelly, it is full of creamy sensual accords ( as I was obsessed with Grace Kelly’s skin), the notes are very soft which draws you into the fragrance, where it has addictive notes that makes the scent live longer on the skin.

Signature Purse Spray

Signature Purse Spray

7. Career highlight to date
Launching Agent Provocateur Parfum Ltd in 2000 and winning two FiFi awards in 2001 for the ‘Signature’ fragrance.


1. Favourite Discovery?
INA Crystals Bath Crystals – I bathe in the entire 1 kilo equivalent to a 3-day detox.

2. Who or what inspires you?

Eau Emotionnelle

Eau Emotionnelle

My boys. Their young little brains are so full of creative imagination, which gives me endless ideas.

3. Daily Extravagance?

INA Crystals 4-Step regime skin care

4. Favourite place on earth? 

Moroccan Dessert

5. Happiest when?

On holiday with my family.


1. What’s in your make-up bag?

Guerlain terracotta blush, Agent Provocateur Titillation lip balm – Laura Mercier Black eye liner.

Azzi Glasser

Azzi Glasser

2. Favourite beauty treatment?

Indian Face lift massage

Strip & Tease Votive Candles

Strip & Tease Votive Candles

 3. Who cuts/colours your hair?

Nicola Clarke from John Frieda

 4. Desert island product?

Desert Island Product – Ina Crystals skin tonic


1. Bag - Original Marc Jacobs brown leather – work bag Taddei Harmarnee (bespoke).

2. Shoes – Pierre Hardy Pink suede high heels and Bruno Frisoni black and gold high heel boots.

3. Basics – Agent Provocateur.

4. Designer – Vivienne Westwood.

5. High street – Topshop.


1. Where do you live? Camden.

2. Pets? None as kids are allergic to them.

3. Favorite restaurant? Nobu Park Lane.

4. What book are you reading? Maria Casati – Infinite Variety – The life and Legend of the Marchesa Casati.

5. What’s on your iPod? Don’t have one.

6. Favourite holiday destination? Rio.

7. Can’t live without? My Agent Provocateur Signature fragrance.

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