Mimi Talks To Dr Uchenna Okoye: Part 2

BATD ON Sep 21, 2009 AT 9:31 am

Get a smile to rival Julia Roberts

Get a smile to rival Julia Roberts

How did you become the 10 Years Younger Dentist?
They approached me! It was a long process though; three months of them observing my work, talking to my clients, looking at my portfolio and doing screen tests. I’ve just finished filming my third series, and in November we are doing a ‘Bus Pass Special’ with some more mature ladies.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found in someone’s mouth?
Well, I haven’t really had any shocking surprises, but I was taken aback by a client with a diamond tongue stud that had chipped all her teeth. I advised her to remove it but she said it gave her partner such sexual pleasure that she didn’t feel she could. Meanwhile, the stud was literally wrecking her teeth.

You also do Botox; is a dentist the best person to decide on facial aesthetics?
I administer Botox and fillers because it gives a client the chance to have a whole face make-over and not just a smile make-over. Dentists are face and head specialists; we were the ones at medical school literally dissecting heads, so we know exactly how muscle structures work. But, because there is also artistry involved, you need to choose carefully by viewing portfolios.

The Maldives

The Maldives

You’ve given dentistry a splash of glamour; where do you shop?
I hate shopping! I just never have time to do it and much as I want to embrace the whole ‘designer dressing’ thing, I can never work out why it costs so much! I like Zara, Banana Republic and Topshop, but if I do go designer, then I opt for shift dresses and simple fashions that don’t take a lot of thinking about when I get dressed in the morning.

Okay, perfect teeth in one sentence?
Don’t smoke, floss every day, chew sugar free gum to get saliva flowing and if you do love sweets, it’s better for your teeth to have a lot in one day than a little over many days.

Your guilty pleasures?
Old fashioned romance books and trips to the Maldives.

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