Mimi talks to Linda Pilkington: Part 2

Mimi ON Dec 11, 2008 AT 4:28 pm

Ormonde Jayne Parfum

Ormonde Jayne Parfum


Favourite discovery
An antique perfume bottle shop in France, half way up a mountain.

Who or what inspires you?
Colours and good  aesthetics, spice markets and the sea.

Daily extravagance
Full time housekeeper, otherwise I would be a wreck.

Favourite place on earth
Egypt, has everything. Cairo is busy with markets, restaurants and the Tutankhamun museum, the Nile is the best slow cruise you could ever take, the tombs, the history and then you can also finish it all off by diving in the Red Sea or visit a monastery in the Judean dessert

Happiest when
I can make sense of the chaos and restore calm.


What’s in your make up bag?
Chanel foundation, Bobbi Brown face powder, Benefit tint, which I use on my cheeks and lips, and a lip balm.

Ormonde Jayne Products

Ormonde Jayne Products

Favourite treatment
Back massage - I need it.

Who cuts/colours your hair?
The best man in the world. His name is Alan Foster in SW London. He cuts and colours my hair every 5 weeks and is married to my friend from Chanel, Mr Andersen.

Desert island product
Ormonde Jayne’s Replenishing Body Lotion.


Large tote from Jil Sander (in orange of course).

Handmade for me in Hong Kong, he has my list and I order in bulk, he sends them over by FedEx.

Anouska Hempel.

High Street
Banana Republic.

Ormonde Jayne

Ormonde Jayne


Where do you live?
Primrose Hill, London. 10 minutes from my studio and 20 minutes from the shop in the other direction  – We have been in the same place for 15 years.

2 dogs, Gnocchi , a white West Highland aged 11 and Truffles, a Grey Brindle  Cairn (the same dog Dorothy has in the Wizard of Oz), aged 10 years.

Favourite restaurant?
Cecconi’s for lunch and The Wolseley for breakfast. Dinner at Blakes.

What book are you reading?
Table Settings. Not what it seems. It’s all about how it is important to show generosity to your clients, who ever they are. I am a strong believer in giving. If you don’t know how to give, you can’t receive.

What’s on your iPod?
We have such a thing in the shop, French jazz, blues, Beethoven & Brahms.

Favourite holiday destination?
Egypt and France.

Can’t live without?
Hot water and a hair dryer.


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