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BATD ON Apr 24, 2009 AT 4:20 pm

Marian Newman

Marian Newman

Marian Newman is no ordinary nail technician. After a high brow career as a scientist, Marian decided she wanted to do something a little less brain intensive. Unbeknown to her she would go on to become the most in demand technician in the business, collaborating with top photographers, beauty and fashion brands and painting the talons of the most famous women in the world. We caught up with her over a pedicure…

Background/academic – how did you get into the nail business?
By accident! I’d had kids and fancied doing something I thought was a bit ‘fluffy’ (well, it seemed like that in comparison with bits of bodies from my forensic days) so I did a make-up artists course. One thing led to another and I discovered a whole, emerging, nail industry. This was, to me anyway, ‘fluffy’ and scientific! Perfect

Where did you train?
In lots of places. There were no formal courses back then just short product based courses. So I took lots of different ones and they all told me something different! There was a lot of mixing a marketing story with fact. There still is! I like to deal in fact first, story later. So I wrote 2 text books.

Do you miss being a scientist? Is the fashion business your preferred industry now?
I still consider myself to have a bit of a scientific mind (mixed with a bit of creativity). I like stretching and breaking boundaries and think I’ve done this from a scientific angle with some ideas I’ve introduced.

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