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Nicola Clarke

Nicola Clarke

With over 20 years of colouring experience under her belt Nicola Clarke has found herself on speed dial for the likes of Kate Winslet and the top Beauty Directors in the business. From styling Kate Moss in the Rimmel ads to taming Madonna’s tresses for GAP she is a legend in the industry. We spoke to Nicola about where she draws her inspiration from and the hottest A/W trends.

You are responsible for some of the most iconic makeovers today, where do you get your inspiration from?
Inspiration is all around you in everyday life and throughout all the seasons, sometimes you just do what you think is right instinctively.

You work with a lot of blondes, and you yourself are blonde, do you find blonde hair sexier, what’s the attraction?
Many of my celebrity clients are blonde, but I have many regular clients with all different colours & shades of hair. Although the saying is ‘Blondes have more fun’ anyone who looks great, feels great and that makes you feel sexy.

John Frieda Go Blonder Conditioner

John Frieda Go Blonder Conditioner

Do you find we all want to go lighter in the summer, and what’s the best way to make sure you are the right shade of blonde?
Blondes especially want to go lighter in the summer. The general rule of thumb is to go a couple of shades lighter than the current blonde you are – too light loses the natural tones (and don’t forget you will go lighter naturally in the sun). The new Sheer Blonde Go Blonder shampoo and conditioner (£5.49) are great for achieving this sun-kissed effect as they lighten hair by a shade or two – gradually and safely. 

What colour and styles will be seeing lots of this Autumn Winter?
I think it’ll be all about caramels & honeys, darker blondes and possibly more unnatural reds.

You work in LA and London, what do you think the major differences are with clients, if any?
Most of my London/LA clients travel so I meet them in different countries.

Where do you like to work most?
I love to travel & move around but the ease of working in a salon suits me best.

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