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Sue Moxley

Sue Moxley

Make-up artist, ex-model, TV presenter and beauty entrepreneur…talk about multi tasking. Sue Moxley is quite an incredible women with a career to match. If you haven’t tried her Famous line of cosmetics yet you will soon be able to buy them worldwide in an amazing deal she has just signed with our favourite self tanner Fake Bake.

We caught up with the glamorous gal herself to talk about how she got to where she is now and her must have make-up tips for next season.

How did you get started in the industry?
I was a model for several years and was made up by make-up artists from all over the world. I thought I can do this and do it very well. I did train at a make-up school in London, but I learnt a lot from having it done to me and I made people up at every opportunity. I had the advantage of knowing people in the industry and understanding how it works, but I also had the disadvantage of people saying ( just another model who thinks she can be a make-up artist)

How did you get to where you are today?
By working very hard and taking every opportunity that came my way. You do have to be ambitious, things don’t just fall in your lap, you have to go out and make them happen.

What was your passion in designing your own range?
I wanted a glamorous, exciting range with glitzy packaging and fantastic quality make-up that does what it says it will do, great colours with fantastic pay off. I’m not into natural make-up, my range is for girls who love glamour and love to party.

Mascara from Famous

Mascara from Famous

What do you think is your USP?
That I have taken what I believe are the best products and put them into one range. That after many years of making up celebs, I know what people love and have them in my brand ( Affordable glamour is my USP )

Career highlight to date?
I’ve made up some amazing people from celebrities to sports people, politicians and what we call’ normal ‘ people. There have been so many highlights, maybe it was the time I walked into Superdrug and saw my stand for the first time with people buying it. Or maybe it was last week when I saw the first episode of my new makeover show (So Would You Dump Me Now) in which I co-present and also do the make-up, that was cool!

What’s in your own make up bag?
I use a foundation called Kanebo which is a brush on foundation, I’ve used it for years I tried to recreate it for my own brand, but the lab couldn’t get it right so I haven’t included it. I will continue to try to get it right. I have Famous mascara and lip gloss and a Rimmel eyebrow pencil, we have a brow kit but no pencil. I am obsessed with eyebrows mine are very fair and sparse and eyebrow  pencil is my desert island product.

Shine Control

Shine Control

Must have item from the range?
My shine control, you put it on under your foundation and stay shine free all day – shiny sweat faces are a no no.

You’ve had an amazing career as an artist, who has been your favourite celebrity to work with?
Most celebrities are nice and are just normal people with their own insecurities, so I don’t get starstruck, but I was in awe the day I retouched Freddie Mercury and the rest of Queen’s make-up, he had such a presence.

Who do you think looks fabulous now?
Always have and always will love Kate Moss, what a face !

What’s next for you?
I have just joined forces business wise with Fake Bake and our brand is going global and I’m doing a second series of So Would You Dump Me Now.

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