Mind-blowing Massage Tips

Mimi ON Jul 23, 2012 AT 1:59 pm

Here’s a tip kindly provided by the wonderful folks at The Body Shop. Print this page out and leave it in your boyfriend’s wallet ;)

The Body Shop Massage Products

Romantic gestures don’t need to be overblown or expensive. Sometimes the best things in life really are free.

Spoil your girlfriend and earn scores of brownie points with an unexpected romantic massage.

Here’s what you’ll need.

Time: Give yourself plenty of time to make sure the whole experience is relaxed. Make an evening of it and allow at least half an hour for the massage – a full hour if you can manage it.

Massage oil: This is more important than you might think. Whilst a moisturiser can do the trick, go the extra step and use oil. Massage oil’s primary function is to lubricate the skin, and you could opt for a plain, unscented oil, but don’t forget this is an intimate, romantic experience and using a massage oil is incredibly sensual. Harness this by choosing massage oil scented with essential oils; scent is extremely evocative so choose one that will help create the atmosphere you want. Choose wisely. You could opt for lavender which relieves nervous tension, promotes relaxation and sleep. On the other hand, why not go for ylangylang, a subtle but powerful aphrodisiac.

Music: Avoid the obvious. Unless you know that she has a particular penchant for sounds of the rain forest or chattering monks, steer away from this route. Instead, have a look through her music to find something she likes, it doesn’t need to be anything overtly romantic by try to choose something relaxing and soothing.

Candles: A bit of a cliché, candles are nonetheless an instant romantic mood-setter. Switch off all the lights and set up candles around the room for a warm, romantic glow. As well as setting the mood, candlelight is also forgiving and will help to put her at ease if she’s body conscious.

Warm hands: Very important, getting to work with icy fingers is not a good way to ease her into it so make sure your hands are warm and supple, and moisturise if you have dry or rough hands.

The massage: When it comes down to it, the best thing about giving a massage is that you can’t get it wrong and while you’re unlikely to cure her of any serious ailments with your magic hands, that’s not really the point of the exercise. What is important is making sure it feels good for her; if you’re not sure, ask, she’ll soon tell you what feels good and what doesn’t.

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