Tin O’ Tint

BATD ON Jul 20, 2010 AT 3:03 pm

Tin o' Tint

Tin o' Tint

If the hot summer air is making you feel parched and you find yourself constantly covering your mouth to hide your dehydrated, chapped lips,  why not get your hands on a cute little pot of Miners Cosmetics new range of lip balms, Tin o ‘Tint!

Perfect for on-the-go lip treatment, these small tins of lip balm come in three tasty shades; Cherry, Vanilla, and my personal favorite, Watermelon. Not only are these tiny tins great for a quick hydration boost, but they also give your lips a fabulous natural glow with just a hint of gorgeous color

Trade in your dry lips and sticky gloss for a set of smooth, soft lips with one of the three great flavors of Tin o’ Tint, especially as they’re only £2.99 a tin!


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