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Mimi ON Oct 04, 2012 AT 9:14 am

Get gorgeous thick hair using Nioxin

Get gorgeous thick hair using Nioxin

What happened after I used Nioxin, luxury hair treatment brand for a month?

I have always used styling products that are thickening, volumising and steer away from using straightening irons as I like my hair to feel bouncy and full, not flat to my head and poker straight. So I was really curious to see what would happen if I used the Nioxin shampoo, conditioner, and their scalp revitalizing spray regularly over a month.

It worked! I was really surprised with the results, my hair felt much thicker, I didn’t need to use a thickening spray or a mousse to add volume, I already had it. Usually I always wash my hair twice before conditioning, as I find this helps my hair feel thicker and last longer between washes, but with Nioxin I found one wash was enough.

The procedure is super easy, wash with the Nioxon shampoo, massage well and allow a minute to stimulate your scalp, it tingles in that minty, wake your head up way. Follow with conditioner and then the scalp treatment spray, this also has a tingle on your scalp, but nothing unpleasant. I quite liked it, it helped wake me up in the morning.

Nioxin System 3

Nioxin System 3

After the 3 step Nioxin system, I used all my usual styling products and after blow drying my hair felt so much thicker, I noticed the results after using it twice a week over 2 weeks. You do have to continue to use Nioxin to  get those results, as soon as I stopped using it I did notice my hair went back to normal. So I went straight back to using it as I loved the results so much.

I used System 3: Designed specifically for normal to thin-looking, fine, chemically treated hair, System 3 includes a volumizing cleanser, lightweight conditioner and a leave-in treatment to refresh the scalp, amplify hair texture and providing moisture balance to colored hair.

You can find out more about using Nioxin on their YouTube channel

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