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BATD ON Jan 25, 2010 AT 10:33 am

Keep nails healthy with Nail Science

Keep nails healthy with Nail Science

Even if your nails are naturally strong, you might find that winter has left them weak and brittle. But, it may not be the weather thats the culprit. The boffins with beauty brains have long said that strong nails are a result of good diet and those of us with nails like pork scratchings might need to look to minerals and key nutrients to get those enviable tip top talons.

A new supplement, Nail Science, from The Advanced Nutrition Programme, delivers a dose of all the things that strong and gorgeous nails need to stay that way, including calcium, biotin and Horsetail (rich in nail nutrient, silicilic acid) plus a dose of Vitamin E to deal with those ragged cuticles. We’re starting now so when the pastel polishes start pouring in, we’re perfectly ready to rock ‘em.

The supplements cost £19.95 for 60 capsules: a month’s supply.

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