Nail It For The Summer (Continued…)

BATD ON Apr 22, 2010 AT 4:30 pm

Nail Trends - Pastels

For pastel prongs try Chanel’s Nouvelle Vague Collection. The trio has super cute colours and, would you believe it, includes the relaunched green shade that was Jade’s predecessor. Set to look great with pastey Spring skin and bronzed goddesses alike. Although watch out as it already has a waiting list of 100 people. We’d expect nothing less. £16.50 each.

For the bolder of us, Illamasqua, YSL and M.A.C cater for you every need.

Nail Trends - Bold

Illamasqua’s Body Electrics should be your first port of call for any bold and expressive beauty products. We love Prism (electric blue)for the summer (£13).

The Solaris range from YSL is also great for all you orange lovers out there, as it’s Ultra Orange is flaming hot for the summer (£16)… and speaking of heat, M.A.C’s To the Beach range have Scorcher which is a fab tangy twist to the standard corals out there at the moment (£8).

Nail Trends - Black and Gold

If you prefer a bit of luxury then you’ll probably want to head to the Chanel counter again and get yourself on the list for the Shanghai Collection, a darker, more sensuous alternative to Nouvelle Vague. I’m loving the black and gold combo and want a sparkly dress now so I have an excuse to wear them! Available from 11th June £16.50

Nail Trends - Graduated

However if uni-tonal talons aren’t your style try Minx for patterned transfers or visit Cobella for a gorgeous graduated polish (as seen here). Also, if you want to really go all-out, try going for 3D nails, created by using the Aquarium Nail technique that uses covers the nails in glass bead. They can also even put tiny pockets on the nail to allow for moveable objects such as gems and crystals. Prices start at £30.00.

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