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BATD ON Apr 13, 2010 AT 3:16 pm

Nails Inc Crystal Colour Collection

I always have a giggle to myself when products like this come into the office.

nails inc. sent the purple (Leicester Square) nail varnish into HQ the other day and I was nearly blinded by the bling! For an extra £4.50 (normal nails inc. varnishes are £10.50 and these are £15) you can get yourself one of these encrusted-lid Crystal Colour Collection bottles, perfect for any Barbie’s mantlepiece.

Admitted we do love the colours, especially the coral, Cadagon Gardens and the shot purple Leicester Square… But it did get me thinking, what else could we possibly use this jewel-emblazoned lid for, because you certainly couldn’t throw it away, and not just because you’d be wasting that £4.50. Think of the poor bin-man that could potentially lose their sight.

Blid Ideas...

So far we’ve come up with the following ideas for making the most out your blid (aka bling-lid):

1 – Remove the brush, turn the blid upside down and keep it in the bathroom to store anything from tweezers to cotton buds.

2 – Again take out the brush, give it a clean and say goodbye to the chronic and ever-spreading syndrome, the ‘flipflop stubbed toe’.

Just pop this fabulous toe-thimble on you big toe and say good riddance to stubbing your toe on your holiday and say hello to toe bling.

3 – A cute little key-ring. Simple, yet effective.

4 – My personal favourite: Give the brush a good clean and use it on all your other fab nails inc. varnishes! This way you can feel fabulous whatever colour you use!

The collection is out tommorrow (15th April) and each bottle costs £15.

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