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Mimi ON Apr 15, 2011 AT 3:29 pm

by Katie Service

Narciso Rodriguez Essence

Narciso Rodriguez Essence

Narciso Rodriguez Essence

Although it isn’t a new release, I have a special interest in Narciso Rodriguez’s fragrance Essence and I have in fact meant to write about it for some time.  Its older sibling, Narciso Rodriguez For Her, was my first ever signature perfume and has been with me through my late teens and early twenties.  It is in fact the fragrance that my boyfriend associates me with the most and therefore the one that makes me feel the prettiest.   It was sculpted by one of my favourite Parisian perfumers Francis Kurkdjian and its musky floral notes manage to keep the sexy fragrance both light and classy.

When I first heard about Essence, I naturally assumed that it would be an enhanced element of its predecessor, strong and pointed.  How wrong I was.  Essence is actually far more intune with the pure and simple Kurdjian aesthetic than you would think, (which is surprising seeing as it is instead the creation of Alberto Morillas of Armani fame.)  It has a soapy, fresh white linen feel to it that has a certain ease and sense of freedom to it.   There is something altogether reassuring about the smell of clean white linen that takes you back to the security of home and the openness of a summer meadow.  (Isn’t it strange that even those with urban upbringings can conjure up a breezy summer meadow in their imagination?  Perhaps we have all watched one too many Persil adverts…)

To break the fragrance down I am going to use the model of a sphere as opposed to flat layers because this is more of a surrounding atmospheric scent as opposed to a flat linear one.  Radiating from the core of the fragrance sits the Amber and the Ambroxin-like elements that smell of warm skin and soft, tactile resins.   Powdery musks envelope the heart of the perfume and light, breezy florals of rose and iris gravitate around the top circumference of the sphere.  Eventually the top two layers of the perfume wear off leaving the unisex skin-imitating ingredients to linger on.

For me, this fragrance isn’t such a statement of personality as For Her clearly is (although I am biased!)  It is more of a classic musk freshness which has lost any sharp citrus edge and has been given a modern sensual heart, which is reflected in its long and smoothly curved silver bottle.  It may not be as to the point as its older sister but it certainly is an interesting fragrance and well worth taking a sniff just in case you love it.

Narciso Rodruguez Essence, 50ml EDP – £53.50 from www.theperfumeshop.com

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