Nataliya Robinson, Skin Therapist

Chrissy ON Jul 01, 2013 AT 10:57 am

by Chrissy Iley

Nataliya Robinson

I’ve had facials before that have been pleasant. Others where people have stared at me not knowing quite what was different, but that I looked rested. Sometimes I’ve even had, ‘Have you had work done?’

Let me just say, an impressive array of hands have touched my face. Some very sought after hands that are usually reserved for celebrity. Some who have been well trained, some who know excellent products, others who don’t.

I was looking forward to Nataliya Robinson’s facial. I’d heard lovely things about how she has a background in naturopathic nutrition. About how she can put fruits and vegetables on your face for dramatic results. I like natural and dramatic.

On the day of the facial I was tired, I had a headache. I had allergies so bad I could hardly breathe. My nose was filled with snot and my eyes stinging. I had indigestion. Every bit of me ached.

My friend said “Don’t go and have a facial. Go and lie down.” I wanted the facial, even though I had no idea of the powerful effect of Nataliya’s miracle touch. Her hero hands.

Her room is lovely. All white and  and crystal chandelier drops twinkle. Black and white  pictures of Brigitte Bardot and Steve McQueen. Who does not aspire to Brigitte in her youth?

Nataliya’s presence itself was calming . She’s soft spoken and wise. Very wise. She examines my skin and decides what bespoke facial is needed.

First  came a chocolate enzyme exfoliator. It smelt comforting, heavenly. Which distracted you from any intense tingling.

She then applied oxygen to regenerate skin. She said it helps with any redness.

Then I’m not really sure what happened. There was massaging of the third eye. There was talk of face acupuncture and there was blending and lifting of the face. A face massage that was so incredible I immediately fell to sleep and I woke up a different person.

Some lymphatic massage around the cheeks and nose area had completely relieved my allergies and they didn’t return. My face was depuffed and plumped up – as if the massage itself had stimulated collagen and blood flow. It created energy. My face was entirely lifted, hydrated and happy.

The effect was so dramatic the face acupuncture wasn’t needed. It wasn’t just my face that was good. Everything about my being shifted, from sluggish and sick to enthusiastic and alive.

One friend said ‘Who is this 12-year-old?’ Another stared at me and said, ‘I have to have Nataliya’s number now. She’s transformed you.’

Nataliya is more than a skin therapist, she’s a total healer. She’s also a skin psychic. She knew immediately that I drink too much coffee and various other problems. It wasn’t just my face she lifted, it was my entire being. Hands down the best facial I’ve ever had.

Nataliya Robinson, 59a Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge, 07774 544455.


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