National Stress Day

BATD ON Oct 29, 2010 AT 9:50 am

Naked's Utterly Relaxing Angelica Bath Foam

Naked's Utterly Relaxing Angelica Bath Foam

We think they could have named this better – national Anti-Stress day, perhaps, but nonetheless think that anything that helps reduce anxiety and tension can only be a good thing. So, November 3rd is ear-marked officially as the day where you focus on relaxing, reducing stress and having a proper unwind.

We’re liking the look of Naked’s Utterly Relaxing Angelica Bath Foam, £3.99, that creates the perfect decadent quantity of bubbles to ensure you feel properly pampered. Angelica, apparantly, can help to increase the blood flow and ease exhaustion.

We’ll just try not to drink it, then.

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