New Season Skin: Natura Bisse The Cure Facial at Agua Spa

Jourdana ON Apr 12, 2013 AT 2:28 pm

Agua at Sanderson is a true gem of a spa. Celestial almost. Or at least you’ll come to think so once you have successfully negotiated the white curtained maze (it weaves its way from the cut-glass opulence of the changing rooms via private relaxation suites, a central relaxation lounge and up one flight of stairs to 12 treatment rooms where it then divides each and every one of them) and found your bearings.

Once you are safely enveloped in the obligatory warm white fluffy towels atop a heated hydro-massage bed, the therapist gets to work.

Natura Bisse’s The Cure Facial is the ultimate trans-seasonal skin treatment, promising to transform skin into a clearer, brighter, refreshed and revived version of itself. It’s a big ask after a too-long winter where my face has been routinely smothered in all manner of unguents, balms and moisture-boosting masks . . .

Natura Bisse The Cure

Natura Bisse The Cure

A double cleanse, inspired by traditional Japanese warm-towel rituals, sees my skin warmed, steamed and buffed as all remnants of daily grime and make up are wicked away. Thorough and precise, The Cure cleansing balms, enzyme pre-therapy and hydro-gel toner are worked into my skin, down my neck and across my collarbone, with no pore left untouched.

With fluttery feather-light sweeps, the cutting-edge thermo-active enzyme exfoliator Glycoline is applied. A deeply tingling sensation slowly intensifies with the subtle enzymatic heat working to eliminate dead skin cells and soften the pores for the upcoming extraction.  Another layer of exfoliator is applied and as it is left to penetrate the therapist performs a soothing hand, arm and shoulder massage.

Skin is once again cleansed and my eyes are covered in cooling pads whilst any imperfections or areas of congestion are gently expunged. A nano-stimulating mask follows. Unlike the pins-and-needles tingle of the Glycoline, the Instant Therapy Mask is frothy and foamy and seems to bubble on the skin. It feels energising and hydrating.  Once again my face is meticulously cleaned, for the last time and patted dry. The final step is an application of The Cure Sheer Cream, a tinted moisture veil with SPF.

Padding (spa-slippers do not create the most elegant of gaits!) back down to the relaxation room I expect to find pink skin with a smattering of red dots. Instead, whilst sipping my Avocado and Papaya Beauty Juice (chosen pre-facial) I can’t help but admire my satin-smooth skin. There’s not a hint of heat or redness, there’s also barely a visible pore and any dry patches are long gone.

Clearly, for the Cure Facial, it is not too big an ask. And, unquestionably, I’ll be back at the turn of each season.

The Natura Bisse Cure Facial is available at £90 (normally £100) for 75 minutes throughout the month of April 2013 at Agua Spa . A deluxe skincare gift including The Cure Cleanser, Sheer Eye, Hydro-Gel Toner and Sheer Touch will be offered with each facial. 

Sanderson London, 50 Berners Street, London, W1T 3NG.




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