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by Chrissy Iley

Hairy Jayne Hair Perfume.

Hairy Jayne Hair Perfume.

The second I touched the bottles of Hairy Jayne’s hand made hair products I knew they were made with something special. She brews them with her own hands at her studio in Brixton with natural ingredients that she has discovered are specifically hair friendly and they smell wonderful, a beautiful blend of essential oils.

I love the idea that they are as natural as possible and so beautifully hand crafted instead of mass produced. You feel that each one is a special potion just for you.

There is a Deep Cleansing Shampoo (£10.00) that gets hair clean without stripping it bare, and a Nourishing Shampoo (£10.00) which adds shine and de-frizzes.

I never use conditioner. Yes, my hair is very stressed. But I don’t trust conditioner as it weighs down my already thin hair and makes it greasy. Hairy Jayne’s Light Conditioner (£10.00) is just that, lightweight. It seems to free the hair rather than drag it down.

Hairy Jayne Shampoos.

Hairy Jayne Shampoos.

There is an ingenious Pre-shampoo Treatment Oil made with bay, clary sage, lavender and ylang ylang. The point of this pre-shampoo treatment is to soothe itchy scalps and it can also be used as a styling product that helps to control frizz.

My favourite of the range is Hair Perfume with heat protection (£9.00). It is more than a dry shampoo. It adds meadow freshness to hair and works as a anti-frizz product. The smells are gorgeous. The scent of it is comprised of musk with neroli, vetiver and patchouli, citrus with grapefruit and jasmine, and flowers with geranium, bergamot and vanilla.

There’s something very special about the Hair Perfume. It is totally revitalising. If you’ve been to a smoky room or a sushi restaurant you can always smell it in your hair the next day, it’s just too near to your face to avoid. Hair that is meadow fresh smells so innocent. I hate the smell of hairspray on my hair as well. It feels toxic. Perfume for hair is indeed a brilliant thing. Who wouldn’t want to smell like the woods on a summer’s day?

The bottles look very pretty and homespun. The look and feel is nostalgic, a promise of an era of natural goodness and careful craftsmanship. The bottles are small (250ml for the shampoos and 50ml for the Hair Perfume). This makes them feel exclusive and travel friendly. In fact I can’t think of anything better than spraying perfume on my hair to stop it absorbing nasty plane smells. It definitely adds shine and reduces static. I am told Hairy Jayne Hair Care is made with love – and you can actually feel it.

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